Saturday 27
  • Assembly of the European Youth Brass Band 2024
Thursday 2 May
  • European Composer Competition
    Finale Concert followed by award ceremony                     Palanga Concert Hall
Friday 3 May
  • Opening Ceremony (by invitation only)                          Amber Museum
      • Draw EBBC Championship section set piece
      • Draw EBBC Challenge section
  • Composer’s talk                                                                      Palanga Concert Hall
  • EBBC Championship Section Set Piece                          Palanga Concert Hall
Saturday 4 May
  • Draw EBBC Championship section Own choice          Palanga Concert Hall
  • EBBC Challenge Section                                                      Palanga Concert Hall
  • EBBC Championship Section Own choice                     Palanga Concert Hall
  • Gala Concert                                                                            Palanga Concert Hall
  • Brass Party with „Big Al and the Jokers“                          EBBC Club
Sunday 5 May
  • EBBA General Meeting                                                        Palanga Concert Hall
  • European Youth Brass Band Contest                               Palanga Concert Hall
      • Development Section
      • Premier Section
      • Award Ceremony